Triosyn receives new government contract

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(Host) Senator Patrick Leahy has announced a new $4.9 million federal contract he secured for the Vermont-based Triosyn Corporation. This is the fourth consecutive contract Leahy has secured for the company, which produces anti-bacterial products designed to prevent, control and treat infectious diseases that could be spread through terrorism.

Leahy made the announcement at Triocyn’s Williston headquarters.

(Leahy) “While many businesses in America are exporting jobs overseas, Triocyn has imported jobs. This is a milestone in the relationship between Triocyn and Vermont, one that includes good news for skilled workers looking for work, one that means good things for Williston. It’s kind of a win-win. It brings jobs here, but it brings the kind of technology that’s making Vermont more and more famous.”

(Host) Leahy added that Triosyn and Vermont are breaking new ground in the fight against bio-terrorism.

Triosyn Corporation currently has 40 employees in its Williston plant. With this new Department of Defense contract, the company plans to expand its production facility and create 15 new high-tech jobs.

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