Trespass Charges Dropped Against NEK Publisher

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The state has dismissed trespass charges against a Northeast Kingdom newspaper publisher who was arrested last year while he was covering an anti-wind protest.

Barton Chronicle Publisher Chris Braithwaite was arrested after he refused to leave the scene of a Dec. 5 demonstration against Green Mountain Power’s Lowell wind project.

On Wednesday, the state dropped the case. But Braithwaite says the evidence explaining that decision is under court seal.

"It is my hope that journalists who find themselves in a similar situation will bear this case in mind when they are ordered to leave the scene on an important public event," Braithwaite said in a statement.

"I regret that the documents which would help to explain the state’s decision to dismiss my case remain under court seal," he continued. "The Chronicle has asked the court to release these documents, and I hope that my colleagues in journalism will join me in an effort to make this information public."

Braithwaite was scheduled to go on trial next week. But this week his lawyer filed a motion to dismiss, saying the state would be unable to show that GMP had not given Braithwaite permission to be on the property as a working journalist.






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