Toy advocates urging parents to choose toys wisely

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(Host) With the holiday shopping season upon us, consumer groups are urging parents to use caution when choosing toys this year.

There were many high profile toy recalls this year. And the Vermont Public Interest Research Group’s Charity Carbine says it’s time to take legislative action.

(Carbine) "There is a silver lining, and that is that public attention, media attention to this issue has legislators poised to address these longstanding issues of the Consumer Product Safety Commission."

(Host) Carbine says that agency is understaffed and overworked, and Congress needs to take action. But she says, locally, Vermont can be a leader by banning lead in all consumer goods and children’s products.

Senator Ginny Lyons sponsored a bill last session that would ban lead and it’s pending in the Natural Resources and Energy Committee. Carbine says if it were to pass, it would have a big effect.  

(Carbine) "Barring any exemption at the federal level, this would actually set the most protective standard on lead in the county."

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