Toxics Center hosts conference for neighborhood activists

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(Host) Environmental activists from across Vermont are meeting on Saturday in Randolph for a how-to lesson on grass roots organizing. The Toxics Action Center is holding its second annual conference at the Vermont Technical College.

The nonprofit group helps New England communities that are dealing with hazardous pollutants. Lindsey Hodel is a community organizer with the Toxics Action Center:

(Hodel) “Most people think of Vermont as a pretty pristine state, unfortunately that’s really not that true. We have a lot of hazardous waste sites, landfills as well as poorly sited mining operations that need to be addressed.”

(Host) Hodel says the conference aims to make local environmental problems less daunting to address:

(Hodel) “A lot of groups we work with feel like they’re all alone in their fights. And this conference is a way for these people to realize that, no, they’re not alone and there are a lots of groups faced with pollution in their neighborhood. And the conference is a great way to give a boost to these groups across the state.”

(Host) Registration for the conference is still open; the first session begins just after 9 a.m.

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