Towns Find Ways To Recover, Rebuild

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(Host) Across Vermont’s flood zone, town officials are working to recover and rebuild their ravaged communities.

In Granville, the select board says there are seven families that still can’t return to their homes because of storm damage.

The small Addison County town lost access to all of its roads except for one. Granville was without power or telephone service for five days following the storm, and the town is just now working on getting those roads back into condition before winter sets in.

The select board says the Granville Volunteer Fire Department is collecting donations for those affected by the floods.

In Windham County, the village of Jamaica is still reeling.

Select Board member Paul Fraser has become the town’s emergency response manager.

(Fraser) "Our current priority is to get the roads open so that the homeowners can get back to their places."

(Host) In Irene’s immediate aftermath, Jamaica lost seven homes, and then another home was destroyed two days later in flash flooding.

Fraser says the town has hired contractors, and appreciates the continued assistance of the Vermont National Guard.

Fraser says that all the help has kept the town from feeling overwhelmed.

(Fraser) "Well, define overwhelmed. Every time we turn around there’s something else that needs to be done. We had a little incident with a bridge the other day that we weren’t expecting, so we’re managing it."

(Host) Meanwhile in Orange County, Randolph has authorized a new line of credit for flood repair.

Town officials there have also agreed to take money from the town’s landfill depreciation fund to help finance Irene-related expenses.

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