Towns cleaning up after flooding

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It could be several days before all the roads damaged by yesterday’s flash floods in southern Addison County are reopened and officials can estimate the cost of the repairs.

The flash flooding that hit yesterday damaged roads in a number of communities, most in southern Addison County, but roads were damaged in Danville as well. All roads have re-opened in Danville. Route 125 remains closed between Routes 100 and 125. Many town roads are closed in Brandon, Ripton, Goshen, Leicester, and Middlebury.

A number of people were evacuated from their homes in East Middlebury while campers were evacuted from the Silver Towers Camp in Ripton and from Branbury State Park in Salisbury.

The National Weather Service says 3 to 4 inches or rain fell in about two hours beginning at about 8 a.m.

Meteorologist Andy Nash says the flooding was more severe because the ground has been saturated by the rains over the last month.

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