Town Clerk Is Honored In Calais

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(Host) The Calais town meeting is known as much for the quality of its food as it is for the civility of its debate. But this year’s pot-luck banquet featured a special treat: A huge cake honoring town clerk Eva Morse, who is retiring after 48 years of service.

Calais resident David Schutz presented the dessert masterpiece.

(Schutz) "And we’re here to celebrate this lunch in honor of…. Eva!" Applause..

(Host) Morse said she was gratified by the accolades – which included a Statehouse resolution and a plan to name the clerk’s office after her.

(Morse) "I’m overwhelmed! And that cake! I love cake. Everybody knows I love cake, or anything for sweets." 

(Host) Her immediate retirement plan is to sleep a little late on Saturdays, since hers was one of the few clerk’s offices open on weekends. And she says there’s still plenty of work to do.

(Morse)  Well, I’ve got a lot of plants to take care of. My orchids all need to be re-potted. My garden needs rescuing. I haven’t touched it in ten years. I’ll keep busy. Plus I’m still going to be a lister, and help train somebody new. I don’t think I’ll be walking the streets for a while.

(Host) Morse brushed aside a suggestion that her 48 year tenure made her the longest-serving town clerk in Vermont history.

(Morse) "No, no. Ralph Oliver in Barre went 50 years. But he had a heart attack and died six months later. And I don’t want to do that."

(Host) Morse had a tradition of wearing a red sweater every town meeting day. And in Calais on Tuesday, many in the crowd wore red in her honor.

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