To Prevent Crime, Vt. Sheriffs Collect Prescription Drugs

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Vermont sheriffs say they’ve taken a big step toward ridding the state of unwanted prescription drugs, and reducing the rate of drug-related crimes in the state. It’s an attempt to reduce accidental overdoses and stem the spiking number of drug-related crimes and break-ins in Vermont.

While the total number of crimes in the state has dropped in recent years, the number of drug-related ones has spiked, indicating that the threat to Vermont citizens is increasing.

In a broad sweep that galvanized nearly 30 law enforcement agencies, the Vermont Sheriff’s Association says it has  collected more than 1,400 pounds of unwanted prescription drugs.

President of the association Sheriff Roger Marcoux says the initiative was successful in eliminating a significant amount of dangerous, expired, unused, and unwanted medicines from Vermont.

"We hope this will aid in reducing accidental poisonings and overdoses, as well as impending intentional misuse and abuse," Marcoux said in statement.

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