Tire burn update

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(Host) It’s unlikely that a test burn of tires at the International Paper Company plant in Ticonderoga will be conducted this year.

New York State environmental officials are expressing additional concerns about the test burn and they’re requesting that IPC modify their permit for the project.

The permit modification process calls for IPC to provide the state with additional information, and it’s expected that public hearings will be held to review the new data.

IPC wants permission to burn tires to help reduce its reliance of heating oil.

Several weeks ago, the Douglas Administration expressed concern to IPC officials about the levels of zinc that would result from a test burn and it called for additional studies.

Governor Jim Douglas says he’s pleased by the new developments in this case.

(Douglas) I’m concerned – as I have been from the start – about the impact on the public health of Vermonters, and I’m determined not to approve anything, not to agree to any test burn or other process that will have an unhealthy impact on the people of our state. But it’s important and I think positive news that the Department in New York will require a modification of the permit, rather than some less formal procedure, should this go forward.

(Host) Douglas says tire burning can be an environmentally sound project if a plant has the proper equipment but he says the IPC facility doesn’t have this technology.

The governor says he’s unaware of any facility in the country that has the IPC equipment, that’s been able to win environmental approval for a tire burning project.

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