Ticonderoga celebrates 100 years of restored fort

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(Host) This weekend, Fort Ticonderoga will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the re-opening of the restored fort.

Re-construction of the 18th century fort began in 1909 as the region marked the 300th anniversary of the explorations the French explorer Samuel de Champlain.

Rich Strum is director of interpretation and education at Fort Ticonderoga. He says the fort was opened with lots of fanfare and dignitaries including President William Howard Taft, the governors of Vermont and New York and several ambassadors. But it looked quite different.

(Strum) The fort wasn’t done yet, and there’s still an ongoing debate, the public was allowed here that day, but it may have been the only day in 1909 it was widely open to the public. The restoration began on the officers barracks on the west side of the parade ground. About half of that building is original. There were no windows, but that was the first time the restored fort was open to the public.

(Host) The reconstruction was undertaken by the Pell family, and Fort Ticonderoga remains a private, not-for-profit, educational organization.

Fort Ticonderoga will celebrate with a birthday party tonight and a full day of events Saturday.

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