Tick Season Has Returned, Health Department Says

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(Host) With the arrival of spring, Vermonters will be spending more time outside – and the Vermont Health Department is warning people to be on the lookout for ticks. 

The insects also enjoy the warm weather, and most cases of Lyme disease caused by tick bites occur in the spring. 

Erica Burl is an epidemiologist with the Health Department.

Burl says tick season has arrived.  

(Burl) " Ticks are already out there and active, and the most important thing people can do is try to prevent themselves from getting tick bites by  doing daily tick checks using appropriate insect repellants,  and as much as possible avoiding brushy areas when you can". 

(Host) Burl says hunters and gardeners are particularly susceptible to tick bites. 

According to the health department, Lyme disease has been on the increase in Vermont in recent years.

Erica Burl cites several reasons for the increase. 

(Burl) "One is probably better reporting, and better awareness about Lyme disease, so physicians are checking for it more often, and part of it is that ticks have been moving up north gradually, and with the deer ticks has come the Lyme disease organism."

(Host) For links to more information on ticks and Lyme disease, visit the health department’s website.

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