Three-Day Killington Film Festival Opens

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(Host) Many regions around Vermont have organized film festivals in recent years. Killington’s version opens tonight.

And as VPR’s Nina Keck reports, the three-day event attracted films from all over the world.

(Keck) New York Film maker and Killington native, Kerstin Karlhuber founded the Killington Film Festival two years ago. 

(Karlhuber)  "This year we had over 100 submissions from all around the world – we had films coming in from Italy and the middle east and the UK and Australia and Canada. And compared to our first event when we had around 20 submissions which came from pretty local areas. So we’re really excited to have grown the event in such a short time that people from all over the world."

(Keck) Karlhuber says they chose 12 films to screen during the festival.  Saturday, they’ll show two films from Vermont film makers and Sunday audiences can see a compilation of nine short films. Karlhuber and other filmmakers will be on hand to discuss the selections.   

For VPR News, I’m Nina Keck

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