Three arrested after bronze statues turn up at scrap metal yards

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Three people have been arrested for stealing bronze sculptures from an artist in North Troy after some of the artwork turned up at at least two scrap metal yards.

Vermont State Police have charged 18-year-old Joshua Staples, 26-year-old Anni Wells and 29-year-old Roger Chaffee, all of the Troy-Newport area, with possession and sale of stolen property.

Authorities say they stole 30 bronze sculptures from Joel Fisher’s studio last month. The art work is estimated to be worth $1 million.

But police believe the thieves were out for the materials rather than the art value.

Bronze contains copper, which has skyrocketed in price, prompting thefts of the metal.

Police have recovered 23 of the stolen sculptures that were sold to a Hinesburg scrap yard and more are being returned from Massachusetts.

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