Task Force: State Should Plan For Impending Vermont Yankee Closure

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A special task force in southeastern Vermont says state and regional governments need to plan for the potential that Vermont Yankee will close soon.

The group calls itself the Post-Vermont Yankee Task Force. It released a report Monday morning calling for the creation of an economic growth and mitigation program.

The goal would be to determine how to absorb the economic impact when Yankee closes.

The task force says a special economic development zone should be created to focus on Windham County.

The group also says Entergy Corporation should dismantle Vermont Yankee as soon as it closes.

The company has talked about using a program known as "safe store" that would allow the plant to be dismantled decades after it stops generating electricity.

Yankee’s original operating license expires next week. Entergy wants to keep the plant open for another 20 years.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has issued a new license, but the state is trying to block it.

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