Task Force Meets on Drought Relief

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(Host) Despite this month’s precipitation, an increasing number of Vermonters are running short of water due to drought conditions affecting much of the Eastern U.S.

Ed Von Turkovich of the state’s Emergency Management Office says over one hundred farms and hundreds of families in Vermont are out of water or running short. Von Turkovitch says the state’s Drought Task Force plans to meet this week to get a clearer idea of the full extent of the problem:

(Von Turkovich) “I call this somewhat of a silent disaster because I think there’s people out there who we haven’t heard from yet who are out of water. Whether they’re elderly Vermonters or special needs population groups who either don’t know who to ask for help or are reluctant to ask for help.”

(Host) Von Turkovich says there’s limited federal and state aid available to families running short of water. He says relief efforts will have to come locally through community action agencies and town governments.

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