Symington releases new economic plan

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Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gaye Symington has released a new economic plan, prompting an attack from Gov. Jim Douglas’ campaign as those two candidates and independent Anthony Pollina continue to spar over the economy.

Symington’s four-page plan calls for better ways to measure economic progress in the state and for new efforts to foster connections between young people, schools and colleges and employers. Other steps include beefing up efforts to expand broadband Internet access and allowing virtual businesses to set up companies in Vermont.

Symington says the Douglas administration has failed to provide the leadership needed to build a robust economy for the future and pinned the 5.2 percent unemployment rate – the highest rate in 15 years – on Douglas.

Dennise Casey, the governor’s campaign manager, shot back saying Symington’s plan is a last-ditch attempt to distract voters from her 12-year record of supporting antigrowth policies and tax hikes on working Vermonters.

Pollina said Symington was putting out slogans and programs but looking past existing Vermont businesses and workers.

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