Swanton Reviews Options For Ice Arena

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In Swanton, the select board is reviewing the estimates for the renovation of the Highgate Ice Arena.

The three options presented to the board range from minimal repairs, building maintenance and small additions, to a more thorough renovation and the addition of new bathrooms. Building an indoor track around the rink was also included in one of the options, a job that would require at least one wall to be moved.

The price estimates for the work spanned from $2.4 million up to $6.3 million, an amount that would be divided among the three towns. Swanton’s share is 56 percent, Highgate’s is 33 percent, and Franklin’s is 11 percent.

Chairman John Lavoie said the arena has looked at what it would cost to build an entirely new rink. That’s been estimated at between $5 million and $6 million, approximately the same amount that he anticipates the renovation to cost.

The board agreed that a public informational meeting was necessary before moving forward.


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