Sullivan Expects Private, Public Collaboration At UVM

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Anyone who’s ever made a big move to a new personal, business, or academic environment knows the settling-in period can be the most challenging.

This is especially true for the new President of Vermont’s largest university. Tom Sullivan is finding this out first hand as he takes the reigns at the University of Vermont.

His tenure following Dan Fogel, who headed UVM for nearly a decade, will be closely scrutinized on a number of fronts. While Fogel made his mark with infrastructure as well as student population expansion, there was anger of over faculty layoffs and on-campus scandals.

On Wednesday we heard President Sullivan’s thoughts on rising tuition, class sizes at UVM, and building projects. Today in the second part of our interview with the former University of Minnesota Provost, we’ll hear about the kind of culture Tom Sullivan hopes to foster at UVM.

One thing he makes clear is the understanding that affordability, building projects, and other ambitions will have to come largely from private sector giving, and it’s a challenge Sullivan says he’s looking forward to meeting right out of the gate.

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Part 1: UVM’s Sullivan Says Focus Will Be On Communication

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