Sturnick retires from Vermont College

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(Host) The president of Vermont College in Montpelier has announced her retirement. Judith Sturnick has been with the Union Institute, which is based in Cincinnati, for two years, and led the effort to merge the institute with Vermont College.

Tom Greene is a spokesman for Vermont College. He says Sturnick’s announcement was unexpected:

(Greene) “I think it was somewhat of a surprise internally. You know, of course we’re not privy to the discussions she’s had with the Board of Trustees around this issue. But people are understanding that she has other interests and a lot of things she wants to do, she’s accomplished quite a bit. She was responsible for the purchase of Vermont College in Montpelier, and over the past two years has been leading the effort to bring these two institutions together.”

(Host) Greene says that Sturnick will take some time off, then most likely return to being a consultant on executive leadership. The Vermont College board of trustees has named College Provost Dr. Roger Sublett as acting president.

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