Students compete in high school design challenge

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(Host) Some call it the high school version of the televisions show “Junkyard Wars.” The official name is Design TASC Competition, a technology and science challenge that took place this Saturday at the University of Vermont. The annual event is hosted by UVM’s College of Engineering & Mathematics.

Dawn Densmore is the program’s administrator. She says 30 high schools from across Vermont participated this year. The challenge was to make devices using canned food to create energy and ultimately raise an American flag.

(Densmore) “They were quite creative in terms of the application of the different things they came up with for ideas on how to make that happen. The students used catch pins and paddlewheels and springs and raised weights and generators and motors and gears. They had bike wheels that had generators on them.”

(Host) Densmore says the grand prize winner was Sharon Academy. Other winning schools included Colchester, Hanover, Milton, and Fairhaven High Schools.

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