Student Protests Continue Across Quebec

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(Hosts) In Quebec, thousands of university students continue to protest, and over 300,000 remain on strike from classes.

At issue are tuition hikes proposed by Quebec’s ruling Liberal party.

Joel Pednault attends McGill University in Montreal and is a member of the Students’ Society.

(Pedneault) "We’re doing what we’re doing on a matter of principle. Many of us think that education should be free because it’s a right. It’s not something that’s a privilege only reserved for a few rich people."

(Host) While the strikes have strong support, not all students feel the increase is unfair. Abraham Moussako  studies at McGill and is a columnist for the student newspaper.

(Moussako) "The tuition increase in Quebec, for example, would only bring it up on par to inflation as it was in 1968."

(Host) Student protests are not uncommon in Quebec and have been staged nearly every time the government has proposed tuition increases.

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