Storm cleanup underway in central Vermont

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(Host) Officials are cleaning up and assessing flood damage caused by torrential rains that pelted central Vermont last night.

Hardest hit was the city of Barre, where some reports say water ran up to six feet deep for a time.

The water receded last night but left mud and debris in its wake.

Mayor Thomas Lauzon says roads and bridges were damaged, and so were homes and businesses.

(Lauzon) “At this point we’re grateful we’re simply dealing with property damage. It’s going to require a little bit of cleanup, but you’ve got to love the spirit of Barre City.”

(Host) Route 302 was among the roads that were badly damaged when overflowing rivers and streams washed away pavement and culverts.

Vermont Emergency Management says areas in Randolph, Bethel and Stockbridge also suffered a lot of damage.

Emergency repairs were made in many places today, but some roads and bridges remain closed.

The storm hit areas in Orange, Washington and Caledonia counties.

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