Stern Launches Bid For Congress

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(Host) A Springfield man says he plans to run for the U.S. House as a Republican.

Keith Stern says Congress is spending at rates that could jeopardize the country’s future. A feature of Stern’s Web site is a ticker showing the rising national debt, which is at more than $12 trillion.

Stern says he doesn’t have political experience. But he says the founders of the country didn’t, either.

(Stern) "I have chosen to run not because I am enthralled with the idea of being a politician or living in Washington. This would be a sacrifice for this country boy but no near the enormous sacrifice now being forced on future adults."

(Host) If Stern wins the Republican nomination, he would run against incumbent Congressman Peter Welch.

Stern is critical of Welch’s support for many initiatives that he says have helped to drive up the national debt, including the health reform initiative that passed the House over the weekend.

So far, no other Republicans have gotten into the congressional race.

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