State will investigate Level 3’s Internet outage

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(Host) State regulators plan to investigate why Internet service was interrupted across Vermont today, for the second time in a month.

Customers of Level 3 Communications could not surf the Web or use their email for hours.

Level 3 maintains a sophisticated communications network. Internet service providers and small telephone companies use that network to provide service to their own customers.

Level 3’s system failed today. Among the customers that were affected was state government, whose Web sites and email crashed until a backup could be connected.

The Public Service Department’s Steve Wark says Level 3 is unseen to most consumers. But he says it’s critical to the region’s communications network.

(Wark) “It’s very important. That’s one of the reasons we’re going to be taking a very close look at this. To make sure not only do they understand this is important Vermonters but they know we have a very high level expectation of service.”

(Host) Level 3 hasn’t explained what went wrong. VPR made several calls to the company’s headquarters – but they weren’t returned.

And we should mention that VPR also is a customer of Level 3 Communications.




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