State Steps Up Effort To Help Elderly Avoid Scams

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(Host) The Vermont Department of Banking, Insurance Securities and Health Care Administration is teaming up with medical professionals to help prevent seniors from being exploited by scam artists.  

A new program helps doctors identify when a senior citizen might be the victim of an investment scam.

John Cronin of BISHCA says it’s hard to determine how often senior exploitation occurs.

(Cronin) "We suspect strongly that a lot of it goes unreported because of the nature of the victim, and the fact that they may not have anybody aware or how to identify it or who knows how to contact some kind of authority to assist them."    

(Host) Cronin says medical professionals are obligated to report any senior abuse or exploitation they become aware of.

He says the focal point of the program is to provide them with tools to help identify potential problems.      

(Cronin)  And then, follow-up. Okay, I’ve identified a problem. Who or what do I go to, to make sure something is done to assist this person? 

(Host) Cronin urges medical professionals with questions about the new initiative to contact BISHCA.


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