State Senator Julius Canns dies at 82

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(Host) State Senator Julius Canns of Caledonia died on Sunday at his home in St. Johnsbury on his eighty-second birthday. He had been ill with cancer for some time.

Canns was a fiscally conservative Republican who was elected to the Legislature at the age of 70. On Monday morning, Governor Jim Douglas remembered him as a man who stood out among his colleagues.

(Canns) “He was assertive, polite, but certainly made his points, and made it clear where he stood. He had such clarity of thought and speech that you couldn’t help being attracted to him. He wore either a flag pin or a flag necktie just about every day. He was strongly committed to the nation, the state, and the community that he loved, and I think that kind of passion will be missed.”

(Host) Governor Jim Douglas added that he’s unsure whether Senator Canns’ effort to win state recognition for the Abenaki Indians will make it through the Legislature.

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