State promotes agri-tourism

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(Host) Vermont agriculture and travel officials have agreed to launch a number of joint promotions to help expand agri-tourism opportunities throughout the state.

According to a new report, more than $10 million was generated by agri-tourism operation in Vermont last year. These programs included tours of Vermont farms and the linking together of specific agricultural promotions such as maple festivals and cheese celebrations with the state travel industry. Beth Kennet, who’s head of the Vermont Farmers Association, think the outlook for these programs is very bright:

(Kennet) “I think it will continue to grow because what it really is at the heart, is an opportunity to positively educate people about agriculture and why it’s important to not only their community, but to all of society.”

(Host) Governor Jim Douglas says his administration strongly supports these efforts.

(Douglas) There are other places around the country where you can ski, there other places where the leaves turn pretty in the fall. But there’s no other place that has the working landscape of Vermont – that’s what sets us apart. That’s why we have to encourage people to come here. If they come here and see this beautiful landscape, I know they’ll return.”

(Host) The Vermont Farmers Association is also creating a virtual tour of agri-tourism, where tourists can learn more about these programs before they visit Vermont.

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