State officials downgrade revenue projections

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(Host) The slowing economy means there’s going to be less money in the state treasury.

Top state officials have downgraded their projections for how much the state will collect in taxes and fees over the next 18 months.

Senate Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Susan Bartlett says the state essentially is going to have the same amount to spend next year as it has this year.

So she says she’s looking for ways to save.

(Bartlett) “I have already asked individual senators and chairs of committees to with their committee, just begin to start thinking of are there services that you can see if we didn’t do for a year that would be alright. If we have to make those sorts of choices, what are your recommendations on those sorts of choices.”

(Host) Bartlett says it now looks like the general fund will have $14 million less to spend than lawmakers had been expecting.

There will be $6.5 million less for transportation projects.

With the new projections in hand, Governor Jim Douglas is scheduled to present his budget proposal to the Legislature next Tuesday.

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