State Offices Flooded, But Some Services Continue

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(Host) When the Vermont State Office building in Waterbury was flooded, 2000 state employees lost their office space.  Vermonters who receive 3SquaresVT, Reach Up, Child Support, and other state benefits began to worry that the checks would not go out as scheduled on September 1st

Human Services Secretary Doug Racine says smart planning has made it possible to stick to the schedule.

(Racine) "On Saturday, with the storm being anticipated, those state employees who process those benefits came into their offices on Saturday so those checks could go out. If they hadn’t gone in on Saturday we wouldn’t be sending checks out on time this week."

(Host) New benefit applications can still come in to district offices, but workers aren’t able to process those applications right now.  There will be a delay in those because the computer system is still disconnected.  Racine hopes to have everything plugged back in next week.

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