State Audit Shows $415,000 Reported Missing From Schools

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(Host) A report by the state auditor’s office has found that about $415,000 has been reported missing from 16 school districts in the past 12 years.

The investigation found that money was taken through theft, embezzlement or wire fraud, and that two of the thefts exceeded $100,000.

State Auditor Tom Salmon says that of the 25 incidents of fraud, none was reported to his office.

(Salmon) "And we would like to see a reporting requirement of any size fraud, because some of the smaller frauds turn into big frauds in other organizations, because they go unreported and they are not in essence, officialized, so to speak, or validated."

(Host) Salmon says currently there’s no requirement for those who receive public money to report a case of fraud to state officials.

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