Stafford remembered for service to Vermont

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(Host) Vermont Governor Jim Douglas has ordered all flags at state facilities lowered to half-staff in honor of the late Senator Robert Stafford. Douglas says Stafford was a personal inspiration. The two first became acquainted when Douglas was a college student working on Stafford’s congressional campaigns.

Vermont Senator-elect Bernie Sanders says Stafford was an example of the best of Vermont’s political traditions.

(Sanders) “He was a very independent-minded senator who, on more than one occasion, stood up to the political leadership of his own party in order to represent the best interests of Vermont and America.”

(Host) Senator Patrick Leahy says Stafford’s work in education and the environment affected the lives of millions of Americans. Leahy says Stafford was a mentor who took him under his wing when he first arrived in Washington.

(Leahy) “I was the only Democrat elected from Vermont. Here he was Mr. Republican. He could have just have easily ignored me. His example was, we’re in this together for the State of Vermont.”

(Host) Leahy says Stafford was a public servant of great civility and decency who was highly regarded on both sides of the aisle.

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