St. Mike’s students hope to draw attention to minor candidates

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(Host) As Iowans head out to the caucuses Thursday night, all eyes are on the big names in the Republican and Democratic Parties.

But a group of students at Saint Michael’s College in Colchester are hoping to direct attention to some of the names further down on the ticket.

They’ve started a web site called the "Minor Candidates Report" that seeks to inform voters about the candidates who aren’t getting any media attention.  Journalism Professor David Mindich advises the student effort:

(Mindich) "We hope that when we give more ideas, more candidates that would never otherwise be heard that some of these ideas will make their way into mainstream platforms. And that it’ll be healthy for democracy to hear more of a range of views."

(Host) The "Minor Candidates Report" is focused on voters in the New Hampshire primary, and covers 27 candidates who are on the ballot in that state. 

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