St. Johnsbury Wants To Improve Downtown Hub

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(Host) In St. Johnsbury, town officials would like to improve the town’s transportation hub.

The Rural Community Transportation Corporation is asking for $300,000 in state transportation grants to improve the exterior of St. Johnsbury’s Pomerleau Building.

That building is widely considered the center of downtown. The town offices will soon move there – and it also doubles as the rural community bus depot.

Ralph Nelson is the town manager of St. Johnsbury. He says the project will be a boon to downtown.

(Nelson) "It would be a great project for our town and more investment in downtown which is very important to us. We do want more businesses downtown and so this is just a step in that direction.

(Host) Nelson says the grant money would pay for park cleanup and repaving a parking lot.

He says the improvements would make taking the bus more convenient for St. Johnsbury residents.

 The second of two public hearings will be held on the project Monday night at town hall.

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