Spaulding, Flanagan debate campaign issues, style

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(Host) The two candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for state treasurer clashed over campaign spending, school vouchers and each other’s personal style during a debate Tuesday night on Switchboard.

Former Senate Appropriations Chairman Jeb Spaulding called on former State Auditor Ed Flanagan to disclose how much money Flanagan intends to spend on their primary contest. Spaulding says Flanagan deliberately withheld some important campaign information until after the most recent formal filing with the Secretary of State’s office:

(Spaulding) “Well Ed, as of this afternoon there are forms in the Secretary of State’s Office documenting your campaign spending at now more than $160,000. That’s $110,000 more than in your campaign spending report filed a week ago And it shatters all previous primary spending records for a second tier office by a huge amount, and puts you on track to break all second tier office total campaign spending before the primary is even over.”

(Host) Flanagan says he decided to spend these funds only after Spaulding rejected a lower campaign cap at the start of their race:

(Flanagan) “I was ready to go with the reform that all Vermonters are very proud that our state Legislature had passed. So it’s a little bewildering now that since you let the race launch that you would be complaining about its fall out.”
(Spaulding) “That is quite frankly the most ridiculous explanation I’ve heard-“
(Flanagan) “Oh now, Jeb. We like each other. I like you, I’m not going to call you names.”

(Host) Vermont’s primary election will be held next Tuesday, September 10.

Listen to the Switchboard debate from the VPR web site. Follow the link to the Democratic treasurer’s debate.

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