Sounds of Vermont: VPR Series

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Explore the “Sounds of Vermont” and what they mean to us. A new VPR series, heard on Mondays during Morning Edition and All Things Considered, and here at

Sounds of snowmobiles
Snowmobiling has become a big industry in Vermont, but for many riders it’s a lot more than that. VPR’s Susan Keese took a backseat to learn through the eyes of one snowmobiler what it’s all about.

Sounds of getting in the wood The sound of chainsaws in the woods and the smell of wood smoke in the morning are sure signs that summer has ended and autumn has arrived. For those who heat with wood, its time to cut, split and stack the winter supply.

Sounds of the train railroads were the primary means of travel in Vermont. Then the automobile took over, and the sound of a distant train became mostly a nostalgic memory. But times have changed again and trains have been making a comeback in the Green Mountains.

Sounds of the Speedway The last weekend in September, Thunder Road in Barre will feature its one-of-a-kind “Milk Bowl” when stock car racers tally their scores and vie for the chance to kiss a cow. All summer long, races have filled the air with excitement, danger, and noise.

Sounds of school Fifth and sixth graders are at an age of “in-between.” They’re in between toys and teenage years. And during that time are moments of personal discovery. For our series, “Sounds of Vermont,” VPR’s Patti Daniels listened in to some of that discovery during a typical school day in Waitsfield.

Sounds of “Moonlight in Vermont” In 1944, a new popular song gave the world an image of Vermont that included falling leaves, ski trails and the evening summer breeze. The 13-line song became a standard that is still sung today. VPR’s Neal Charnoff reports on the nduring “Moonlight in Vermont.”

Sounds of Montpelier A Statehouse debate in Montpelier may be a familiar sound, but it’s only part of the character of Vermont’s capital. The city, with a population just over 8,000 people, has developed a distinctly independent personality. Bob Kinzel reports from State and Main.

Sounds of Vermont: Route 7 For 135.3 miles – from Pownal to Highgate – U.S. Route 7 slices up the western side of Vermont. It’s Vermont’s hard-working north-south highway, carrying commuters, truckers, farmers and tourists. John Van Hoesen reports from Route 7.

Sounds of Vermont: Fair days Nothing says fair season quite like the Addison County Fair and Field Days. Last week, for the fifty-fourth time, Vermont’s largest agricultural fair had its run with familiar faces and familiar events. Reported by Lynne McCrea.

Sounds of Vermont: Lake Champlain Samuel de Champlain gave the lake his own name in 1609. It’s been a key player in the campaigns of war. Commerce once thrived over its waters. And there has even been an effort to declare Champlain one of the Great Lakes. VPR’s Steve Delaney listens in from morning to night.

Sounds of Vermont: Drive-in movie theaters Five-dollar double features under the stars aren’t yet a thing of the past. You’ll find them every summer weekend at the Randall Drive-In in Bethel. The Randall is one of only four drive-in theaters left in Vermont. Steve Zind reports.

Sounds of Vermont: Nightlife Evenings in Vermont are celebrated in postcards and song as a peaceful time, when the sun goes down and the day’s work is over. It’s a time to sit back on the porch and listen to the crickets. But for many Vermonters the best part of the day is just beginning. Susan Keese reports.

Sounds of Vermont: Haying As the saying goes, you make hay when the sun shines. Making hay is a constant race against time, machinery and weather. At the Pease farm in Middlesex this time of year, the sound of haying is also the sound of neighbors working together. John Dillon helps us listen in.

Sounds of Vermont: Parades The Vermont Department of Tourism estimates that some 170 different parades will be held this year across the state. While the themes may vary, the underlying feelings, memories and emotions that parades conjure remain constant for many of us. Nina Keck reports.

Sounds of Vermont: Vermont Voices Listen for the sound of our voices, and what they say about us. Reported by Steve Zind.

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