Sounds of 2008: Lake Champlain

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(Host) This month we’re listening to the Sounds of 2008, a review of the news of the past year.

This afternoon, we turn to Lake Champlain and the phosphorous that pollutes it.

In April, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sent a letter to the state criticizing the pace of cleaning up the lake.

The EPA said some of the state’s efforts have been worthwhile. But the agency’s Dave Deegan said phosphorous levels needed to fall more quickly.

(Deegan) “I think there’s been a lot of effort put into trying to address the concern. At the same time we have not seen reductions in phosphorous and other nutrients that would be necessary to say that we’re making the kind of progress that we’d like to see.”

(Host) The Douglas administration defended its cleanup – and accused the EPA of playing politics. By the end of the year, the EPA backed off and praised Vermont’s efforts.


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