Sounds of 2008: Howard Dean

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(Host) As we approach the end of the year, we’re taking a few moments to look back at what made news. The series is called Sounds of 2008.

This morning, we hear from former Governor Howard Dean.

In November, just days after the election, Dean announced that he would not seek re-election as chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Dean says President-elect Barack Obama should have the opportunity to choose his own party chief.

(Dean) "The job is very different under an incumbent Democratic president than it is when you don’t have the White House. I think the president gets an opportunity to run the DNC as he sees fit. I’m a different kind of a chair than what he needs, I think.”

(Host) Dean was mentioned after the election as a candidate to become secretary of health and human services in an Obama administration.

But former Senator Tom Daschle got that job. And, so far, there’s no news whether Obama will give Dean a job in the new administration.

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Dean won’t stay on as DNC Chairman

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