Sounds of 2008: Elton John Fan

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(Host) This morning, we take up Sounds of 2008, our review of the past year.

Singer Elton John’s voice was heard, in person, in Vermont for the first time this year.

Until July, the famed singer and songwriter had staged a concert every state in the country – except Vermont.

So when he announced his performance at the Champlain Valley fairgrounds, some of his longtime fans were excited.

Joanne Polanshek from St. Albans was among them.

(Polanshek) "All I ever talked about was Elton. And all I ever wore was Elton t-shirts. And pretty much any opportunity that I could get to talk to anybody about how great he was, I would take that opportunity. And it’s a little embarrassing. I was known as the Elton John girl or the Elton John freak.”

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Elton John concert is dream come true for St. Albans womanElton John:

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