Sounds of 2008: al Jazeera

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(Host) In our "Sounds of 2008” series, we’re taking time to recall some of the issues that made news in the past year.

In Burlington, the Middle East television news network Al Jazeera was itself news.

When the Burlington Telecom manager decided in the spring to stop carrying Al Jazeera on the city-owned cable TV system, debate erupted.

Mayor Bob Kiss suspended the decision until the public could weigh in. And about 125 turned out in June.

Most, like Richard Weed, spoke in favor of keeping Al Jazeera on Burlington Telecom.

(Weed) "It appears to me that since 9/11, there is no more self-evident fact than that of our ignorance of the Arabic world." 

(Host) Others questioned the agenda of the network. Kay Trudell pointed out that Al Jazeera is owned by the government of Qatar which is a hereditary monarchy.

(Trudell) "They may have a right to broadcast, but we don’t necessarily have to invite them into the United States of America.” 

(Host) After the public had its say, Burlington Telecom decided to stick with Al Jazeera.

To hear the entire story, click on the link below.  Click here to listen to the entire Sounds of 2008 series

Burlington weighs in on Al-Jazeera network


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