Sorrell undecided on run for Congress

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(Host) Governor, Jim Douglas, said last week that he hopes to stay where he is and will not seek an office in Washington.

Speaking last night on VPR’s Switchboard program Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell said he probably won’t make his future political plans known until this summer.

Sorrell says he is considering a run for Congress but hasn’t yet made up his mind.

(Sorrell) “I sit back sometimes and I think: ‘Well, you got a great job. Maybe you should stay put.’ And that might be what I do. But then I hear Martha Rainville is going to run as a moderate Republican for the Congress. And then I think: ‘I wonder how she really feels about Iraq? Should we have gone into Iraq? Did we go in with too much force, too little force? Did we have a good game plan?’ As a sitting general, the military doesn’t typically like generals that say we screwed up, we shouldn’t be there, whatever.”

(Host) Sorrell says his experience working on national issues and testifying in Washington would make him a qualified congressional candidate.

Sorrell is serving his fourth two-year term as Vermont’s Attorney General.

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