Sorrell stresses importance of Taser training for police

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(Host) Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell says police who carry Tasers or "stun guns" should be trained in how to use them.

The weapons’ use has been called into question recently after several high-profile incidents.

Sorrell is investigating how many police departments around the state authorize officers to carry the guns or use other types of non-lethal force.

Speaking today on Vermont Edition” Sorrell said he will recommend that all police using the weapons follow the same rules.

(Sorrell) "We hope to see some uniform training around the state for those departments that decide to use these non-lethal means of force."

(Host) Sorrell says he was prompted to open his investigation after Brattleboro police used Taser guns on two separate occasions this summer – once against two unarmed protesters, and then on a Brattleboro Retreat patient.

Sorrell says the investigation likely will be complete by the end of the year.

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