Ski resorts expect good holiday weekend

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(Host) Early season snow has already made for some tough driving in Vermont.

But it’s boosting business at ski resorts.

Parker Riehle of the Vermont Ski Areas Association says ten resorts expect to be open for the weekend.

(Riehle) “We really are off to a great start. So we’re very thankful, actually, as we come into the Thanksgiving holiday, for what we’ve had already."

(Host) The snow-covered slopes in New England are in contrast to the conditions in the West. So far, the Rockies have not had enough snow for the season to get under way.

Riehle says he can empathize, because that’s what Vermont has suffered through for the past two seasons.

(Riehle) “We certainly had two fairly lackluster seasons back to back and that was very tough for the industry and ultimately for the state economy and obviously for the skiers and riders who have been chomping at the bit. We’ve seen some very early enthusiasm given the early winter temperatures we’ve had.”

(Host) Riehle says there weren’t many bookings a few weeks ago. But with the early appearance of snow, reservations have picked up at resorts across the state.


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