Ski resorts energized by storm

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(Host) For the State’s beleaguered ski resorts, today’s snow storm couldn’t have come at a better time.

VPR’s Nina Keck reports.

(Keck) When Bonnie McPherson PR director at Okemo Mountain Resort answered her phone this morning – you could hear coworkers celebrating in the background.

(McPherson) “It’s just that kind of a day. Everyone who comes in the office gets greeted with a cheer.”

(Keck) In mid January – skier visits were down 35% at Okemo and while things have improved, McPherson says today’s storm was perfectly timed.

(McPherson) “We’re being dumped on a Wednesday before the vacation week. We’ll have another two days to clear the roads and get everything groomed out and by Friday, when people start driving north it’s going to be the perfect ski vacation.”

(Keck) Killington’s spokesman Tom Horrocks wasn’t at his desk – I had to call his cell phone.

(Sound of phone ringing)

(Horrocks) “Hi this is Tom.”

(Keck) “Tom, it’s Nina Keck with Vermont Public Radio calling.”

(Horrocks) “Hi Nina how are you?”

(Keck) “I am well. Are you on the headwall somewhere?”


(Horrocks) “We are at the bottom of the Snowdon Quad and I’m going to say we’ve got about 8 inches here.”

(Keck) “So was there a lot of whooping and hollering in the administrative building this morning?”

(Horrocks) “There was a lot of whooping and hollering in the administrative building on Monday when we saw that this storm was coming together. Then it went to a louder uproar on Tuesday and then this morning I don’t’ think there’s anyone in the administrative building. I think everyone’s getting out and making some turns.

(Keck) For Vermont Public Radio, I’m Nina Keck.

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