Ski Areas Report Average Season

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(Host) Despite a difficult season, Vermont ski areas report an above average turnout last winter. According to the Ski Areas Association, there were just over four million skier visits for the two thousand one, two thousand two season.

David Dillon of the Ski Areas Association says skiers came to Vermont in spite of concerns about travel in the wake of September 11, and the economic downturn. Dillon says this season’s number is down from last year’s near record four and a half million skier visits. He says the state needs to attract many more skiers.

(Dillon) "We need to get to 5.5 million skier visits which would put us back to where we were in the mid ’80s. In order for our industry to strive and move forward, that’s where we need to go. So we took a step back this year."

(Host) Dillon says not every ski area did well last season. He says northern Vermont resorts fared better than their counterparts in the south, where there was less snow.

(Dillon) "Jay Peak had a record season, for example. But there are other areas that will not be profitable this year. I don’t think we’re in danger of losing anyone at least at this point."

(Host) Dillon says aggressive marketing of Vermont’s tourism industry was a key factor in bringing skiers to the state.

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