Shumlin’s Press Secretary To Leave For Law School

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(Host) Governor Peter Shumlin’s press secretary plans to leave the administration later this summer to attend law school.

Bianca Slota says she’ll attend the University of Connecticut law school and hopes to pursue a career in politics after graduation.

Slota says she told Governor Shumlin and his staff before she was hired that she was interested in law school and would probably attend if she was accepted.

(Slota) "I came into this telling them coming into this that I might end up going to school and they were willing to take that chance. And I did end up going to the school that I wanted to go to. It seemed like too good of a chance to pass up on that."

(Host) Slota has been responsible for Shumlin’s social media operation. She maintains his blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Communications Director Susan Allen has handled the governor’s media relations. Allen will continue to do that. Slota says her duties will probably be absorbed by others on the governor’s staff.

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