Shumlin Seeking State Fuel Assistance Funds

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Governor Peter Shumlin and key lawmakers want the state to add $8.8 million to the Low Income Home Heating Assistance Program.

The program helps low-income residents pay to heat their homes in the winter.

Governor Shumlin also says his administration is changing the way benefits will be paid to clients and fuel suppliers.

In the past, clients had to wait a month or two for help with their heating bills. Now, Shumlin said, benefits will be paid faster.

The state says more than 28-thousand low-income Vermont families rely on fuel assistance to help pay a portion of their winter heating bills. This season, heating oil is expected to be up 13 cents a gallon over last year.

Governor Shumlin is planning to meet with the Legislature’s Emergency Board next week to ask for approval for the additional funds.

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