Shumlin Says Route 2 Project Will Go Forward

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(Host) Governor Peter Shumlin says he’s committed to an $8 million road re-construction project in Danville, but he’s suspended work on it.

That’s because the U.S. Route 2 work has caused lengthy traffic delays that Shumlin says have disrupted commerce in the Northeast Kingdom village.

(Shumlin) "It’s a project that has the support of the community. It’s a project that’s being executed in such a way that it’s losing that support. So I don’t think people disagree with the merits of the project. People disagree with the execution. And we’re going to fix the execution."

(Host) Work stopped Thursday while the Agency of Transportation  figures out a better way to complete the project without causing so many delays.

The project involves rebuilding the road and the village green and relocating underground utilities.

VTrans says the work suspension may last up to a week while alternatives are weighed.

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