Shumlin Promotes Program To Help Unemployed And Underemployed

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(Host) Governor Peter Shumlin is touting a state program that helps unemployed and underemployed Vermonters develop job skills.

Under the program, the Community College of Vermont offers courses that teach teamwork, computer skills and basic math.

Shumlin said the program has trained about 600 Vermonters. Some of them have found jobs with the Cabot cheese company, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and other companies in the last year and a half.

(Shumlin) "The importance of it is that it takes workers from people who are currently incarcerated to people who are in the workforce but lost the job they had and it retrains them. And gives them a certificate, which will now have the governor’s seal of approval that an employer knows that they are ready and able to work."

(Host) Shumlin said the program has been in development for a while but is now ready to be rolled out statewide. He made the announcement at the Cabot Creamery Distribution Center in Montpelier.

Jim Pratt of Cabot Creamery said the program stresses fundamental skills such as the importance of teamwork and showing up on time.

(Pratt) "My experience has been is that people want to be successful in their job. They want to add value. And this is another tool that can help people realize that."

(Host) Pratt said Cabot has saved money in job training and reduced employee turnover by hiring workers who have been through the career readiness course.


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