‘Shareheat’ donations up over last month

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(Host) The new year brings some good news for an emergency fuel assistance program. “Shareheat” is a program run by Central Vermont Public Service, which collects funds from donors and matches those contributions. The money is administered to those in need through five community action agencies throughout the state.

CVPS spokesman Steve Costello says contributions to the annual campaign were lagging after its kickoff in October:

(Costello) “We did get off to a very slow start, but over the last four weeks people from all over Vermont have made contributions and really pushed the total up very quickly. So we feel pretty good that there’s a good pool of money there for community action agencies to use in emergency situations. And, now it’s January 2, so we’ll be starting anew with another round of money available and hopefully we’ll get through the winter without any big problems.”

(Host) Costello adds that over $126,000 will be available for emergency fuel assistance this winter.

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