Sha Na Na singer makes pitch at Statehouse

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(Host) Some vintage music groups say concertgoers are being duped by impostors.

And they’re asking the Vermont Senate to do something about it.

Jon Bauman, also known as "Bowzer" from his days with the rock and roll group Sha Na Na, made the pitch at the Statehouse.

(Bauman) "Tell the public what you’re actually giving them. If it’s a tribute show, that’s fine, call it a tribute show and they’ll pay accordingly and they’ll choose to go accordingly. Don’t call it the Coasters, the Drifters, or the Platters"

(Host) Veteran doo-wop groups like Bauman’s have persuaded 20 other states to adopt similar laws.

A bill is pending in the Senate Judiciary Committee. It would prohibit anyone from performing under the name of a recording group if they don’t have a legitimate affiliation with the original.

Senators haven’t scheduled a vote on the bill, yet.

In his classic style, Bauman expressed his appreciation that the issue was being considered.

(Bauman)…. "Bom ba ba bom ba bom ba bom bom ba ba bom ba ba bom ba ba dang a dang dang Ba ba ding a dong ding…. Thank you."

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